Prinzess Diary :1

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Chè Sarai’s thought-provoking lyricism has the precision of a surgeon’s knife. She is a ticking bomb and her debut mixtape Prinzess Diary: 1 is sure to hold you hostage from the Intro to the last track and back again. Warning: Prepare to be a fan. We want more!

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Prinzess Diary : 1 Full Reviews

As I listed to Prinzess Diary :1 by Chè Sarai my first thought was man I don’t like when artist use beats by mainstream artist (that’s one of my pet peeves) but listening to Chè Sarai's mixtape I can truly say I can eat my words from the “Intro” all the way to the “Rapid Fiya” she has lyrics that will blow your mind and make your forget you heard the mainstream version. Chè Sarai also shows she can spit with the best of them. In my opinion you will never go wrong with listening to Chè Sarai Prinzess Diary:1, it will keep you listening over and over. Chè Sarai will be one of the next Queens of the Kulture if she keeps this up. ”

Steadman Robinson, CEO of Rep Da King Magazine

Chè absolutely took the leash off. She unleashed lyrically on this mixtape...AMAZING”

Russ Shanks

"This mixtape is HEAVY. She is addressing real stuff that needs to be addressed more, but the perspective is mad humble like she truly wants people to understand, get it and apply it because she knows it’s real... That’s becoming more and more rare from artists these days. Her production is bananas too. Great mixtape overall. People need it!" ”

Kezia the Poet

Charismatic, passionate, prophetic, God fearing, expressive, inspiring, eager, risk taker , and heartfelt are just a few words that describes Chè Sarai . This anointed vessel blessed myself ,Greater Life Ministries ,and a host of visitors. Her love for God will force you to examine your relationship with Christ. I honestly believe that Chè Sarai will be a household name representing Christ. ”

Pastor Paul Grant

This is truth music you need to hear!”

Khalil Trotman